Jump to points (Detroit Lions vs. Philadelphia Eagles, 1995 playoffs) - Regular season. 113 points (New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins, 1966) 106 points (Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns, 2004) 101 points (Oakland Raiders vs. Houston Oilers, 1963) 101 points (New York Giants vs. New Orleans Saints, 2015) 99 points (Seattle Seahawks vs. Kansas City Chiefs, 1983)
Jump to Scoring - Most Points, Single Postseason, 126. San Francisco 49ers, 1989. Most Points per Game, Single Postseason (min 2 games), 42. San Francisco 49ers, 1989. Most Points, Game, 73. Chicago Bears vs Washington Redskins, Dec 8, 1940 (NFL Championship Game). Most Points, Both Teams, Game, 96.

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Loading settings. Loading data. 75. 80. 85. 90. 95. 100. Arz 51, GB 45 - 2009 Wild Card. Phi 58, Det 37 - 1995 Wild Card. Rams 49, Minn 37 - 1999 Divisional. Bills 41, Hou 38 - 1992 Wild Card. SD 41, Mia 38 - 1981 Divisional. Total Points. Highest Scoring NFL Playoff Games. Total Points. Game. 79. 86. 95. 96 ...
This was supposed to be one of the best defensive battles in Super Bowl history, but the Baltimore Ravens offense was able to score a ton of points on the New York Giants. In Super Bowl. This was not only one of the ugliest playoff games in NFL history but also the lowest-scoring game in playoff history.

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While compiling the list of NFL postseason blowouts, I came up with another eight games that had at least a 30-point margin of victory but failed to reach the 32-point margin we used as. After that, it was all Washington, as it scored 42 straight unanswered points with 35 points coming in the second quarter.
During Week 5 of the 2013 NFL season, football fans were treated to an impressive display of offense when the Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys. The highest scoring game in NFL playoff history occured during a 2009-10 NFL Wild Card playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and Arizona ...

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NFL : 100 games with lowest total points scored (since 1966) ALL GAMES : REGULAR SEASON GAMES ONLY : PLAYOFF GAMES ONLY Pts Winner Loser 1 3 2007/11/26 Pittsburgh Steelers 3 - Miami Dolphins 0 1 3 1993/12/11 New York Jets 3 - Washington Redskins 0 1 3 1982/12/12 New England Patriots 3 - Miami ...
That day, his Redskins downed the New York Giants by a score of 72-41 on November 27, 1966. - one on a fumble recovery and the other on an interception. The 113 total points came via 16 touchdowns – ten scored by Washington and six by the Giants; and a field goal late in the game.

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It's widely known that in the 1940 NFL Championship Game the Chicago Bears defeated the Washington Redskins 73-0, which still stands as the most points scored by one team in an official NFL game. However teams have scored more than 73 points in game in other professional league games, including ...
NFC West: Rams, Seahawks, Cardinals, 49ers · Seasons · Current Season, Current Season Schedule, Current Leaders · 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012,. NFL Leaders · Career Passing Yards, Single Season Rush TD, Single Game Sacks. NFL Scores · All-time Scores, Find a Score. NFL Draft · 2017 Draft, Draft Finder, ...

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NFL Total Field Goals Made Single Game Leaders. Build your own custom leaderboards with the Play Index. Single game leaders only reflect years for which we have complete boxscore data (1950 onward), all playoff games, and all 100 yard rushing/receiving or 300 yard passing games from 1940-1959. View Current ...
The largest point spread in NFL history came when the Denver Broncos were favored by 26.5 over the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2 of 2013. The Jags.. Since 1988, every team in the NFL has played in a conference championship game (with the exception of the 13-year-old Houston Texans). 13.

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Oddest of all is that New York barely had a point-skewing loss on their record.
Lose 41-0 one week and 38-7 the next and that affects the season stats.
The Giants' biggest loss was by 25 points to the Saints.
All six others were by 14 points or less.
Being outscored over the season was deserved.
The team did win two virtual playoff games to get into the postseason though, including a de facto NFC East championship over the Cowboys in Week 17.
Then again, the only reason the Giants needed to win that game is because they were swept by the 5-11 Redskins, in games that weren't particularly close.
They're the only Super Bowl champion to be swept by a 5-11 or worse team.
In fact, there have been only three other times in the era of the 16-game schedule in which a Super Bowl winner was swept by http://bitcoin-slot.win/nfl/point-spread-for-nfl-game-tonight.html division rival.
It happened to the 2002 Bucs via the 9-7 Saints and the 2007 Giants with a much more understandable 13-3 Cowboys on the other side.
The only other time a team was swept by a sub.
In 1995, when the Cowboys lost two to the - you guessed it -- Redskins.
They were 6-10 that year.
As it is, No.
As we'll see on this list, some of the best Super Bowls were played by the worst teams.
Of the 11 teams, seven played in objectively close games and, as you useful nfl pick for week 9 2018 was have noticed, some won.
These Panthers had the poster boy of mediocrity, Jake Delhomme, at quarterback, and despite offensive weapons in Stephen Davis and Steve Smith, had little offense to speak of.
They lost five of eight games during one stretch and didn't score more than 27 points until the final week of the season.
Then, interestingly, they scored exactly 29 in three of their four playoff games, including that narrow Super Bowl loss to the repeat Pats.
They'd be unable to make up the 42-10 deficit in the Super Bowl, however.
San Diego ranked in the middle of the league in both offense and defense and finished 5-5 after a 6-0 start.
On the plus side, Stan Humphries had a slightly better quarterback rating than Delhomme did a decade later and the Stanimal was doing it in an era far less friendly to QBs.
Those Ravens famously didn't score a touchdown in five highest points scored in nfl playoff game games during the season and these Giants allowed them to score 34 points.
But the Ravens had a tremendous defense, which nfl best picks week 16 why they weren't close to our list.
The only thing that kept us from putting these Giants higher was their 41-0 blowout of Minneseota in the NFC championship.
Daunte Culpepper threw for 78 yards and Kerry Collins had the same amout of touchdown throws 5 as Randy Moss and Cris Carter did combined catches 5.
Because history had a wide lens, we often lump different teams of the same era and franchise together, especially when the core is the same.
Obviously, some of those teams were better than others and the worst of the lot was the first of it -- Elway's 1986 Broncos.
Much like the '94 Chargers, the Broncos started 6-0 and finished 5-5 finish, then needed two narrow playoff victories for the right to be worked over in the Super Bowl by the NFC representative.
The team couldn't stop the pass, which is why the two-touchdown spread and Brett Favre's domination in the Super Bowl was of little surprise.
These Titans had the same point differential as the 9-7 Chiefs and proved to be a solid team with a cruise-control strength of schedule that needed the Music City Miracle to save their playoff lives.
Again, a great Super Bowl appearance makes not a worthy participant.
You'll notice few teams from the first 15 or so Super Bowls and it's not all that surprising: Before 1978, there were only eight teams in the NFL playoffs -- four in each conference -- and 14 games per season.
Sure, there were some subpar squads that slipped through the cracks, but it's not like today when, with four divisions and an extra wild card, a 9-7 playoff team is almost an annual tradition.
These Rams won one a painfully pathetic division, barely outscored their opponents and was a victor in the ugliest conference championship a 9-0 win over the putrid Bucs.
But, again, they were right with the dynastic Steelers highest points scored in nfl playoff game the end of Super Bowl XIV.
It's the kind that should be giving Kyle Shanahan the cold sweats right about now.
Did Belichick have videotape of the Rams' walk throughs, as some Rams players still insist?
Oh, that was a rhetorical question.
They started 0-2, finished 4-4, took advantage of a Tony Romo implosion in the divisional playoff and a Brett Favre classic in the NFC championship and then - well, you all know the story about the 2007 Super Bowl.
Don't be fooled by the 10-6 record.
With some bounces the other way, these Highest points scored in nfl playoff game could have been 6-10 and, if you split the difference, were probably an 8-8 team.
Last week, to win a Super Bowl and the 2001 Pats as the worst.
Why the change here?
Once New York beat the greatest team, they got a bump from No.
It just goes to show that nothing makes sense in football.
These Cardinals finished the year with a plus-1 point differential and took advantage of a division in which the other teams combined to win seven games against non-division opponents.
Kurt Warner's offense was good, if inconsistent, the defense was virutally non-existent and only Donovan McNabb knows how the Eagles blew that NFC championship.
Of all the ones the Eagles choked in, the 2008 version had to be the worst.
The Cards had no rushing attack to speak of, averaging 3.
They lost three games during the year by three or more touchdowns.
And, at the end, they were, inescapably, the Arizona Cardinals.
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